Smartsheet vs Airtable: A Comprehensive Comparison of Two Project Management Software

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Welcome, The France Jobs Reader, to this comprehensive comparison between Smartsheet and Airtable, two popular project management software options. As someone who has experience working with both platforms, you’re in the right place to gain insights into their similarities and differences, helping you make an informed decision for your project management needs.

Ratings and Reviews Comparison


With 3038 reviews and an impressive rating of 4.49/5 stars, Smartsheet has garnered a significant user base. Users consistently commend Smartsheet’s robust features, intuitive interface, and powerful project management capabilities. Many praise its flexible use, allowing teams to customize their workflows and collaborate seamlessly.

Users also appreciate the intuitive learning curve of Smartsheet, making it easy for teams to adopt and integrate into their existing processes. Additionally, the availability of training resources, such as webinars, video tutorials, and a vibrant community support forum, enhances users’ learning experience.

Pros of Smartsheet:

  • Intuitive learning curve
  • Training and community support
  • Flexible use for customization

Cons of Smartsheet:

  • Inability to work offline
  • Difficulty in duplicating sheets


Airtable boasts 1896 reviews with an impressive rating of 4.66/5 stars. Users rave about its powerful tools for creating customizable tables, empowering teams to manage complex data and projects effectively. Airtable’s features for planning and organization are highly acclaimed, providing users with a comprehensive and flexible platform to meet their project management needs.

One of the standout features of Airtable is its ability to handle large amounts of data while maintaining excellent performance. Users appreciate the option to collaborate and share real-time information easily. Although some users found the software initially challenging to grasp, the learning curve is manageable with practice and exploration.

Pros of Airtable:

  • Powerful tools for creating customizable tables
  • Features for planning and organization

Cons of Airtable:

  • Display of deleted words
  • Initial difficulty in grasping the software

Pricing and User Ratings


Smartsheet offers various pricing plans to cater to different needs. Their plans start with individual use at $14 per month and scale up to enterprise-level solutions. The pricing is based on the number of users and features.

Users generally find Smartsheet’s pricing reasonable and value for money, considering the extensive features and capabilities it offers for project management. The positive user ratings are testament to Smartsheet’s ability to meet users’ expectations and deliver a quality software experience.


Airtable follows a similar pricing structure, providing multiple plans tailored to different user requirements. Their pricing ranges from free plans for individual use to customizable enterprise-level plans. Users appreciate the affordability and scalability of Airtable’s pricing options.

With a high user rating, Airtable consistently delivers value for money, offering powerful features at competitive price points. The positive user reviews reflect the satisfaction of users who find Airtable effective in their project management endeavors.

Detailed Table Breakdown

Features Smartsheet Airtable
Customizability High High
Collaboration Excellent Excellent
Data Management Advanced Advanced
Reporting Robust Robust
Integration Extensive Extensive

Both Smartsheet and Airtable offer high customizability, excellent collaboration features, advanced data management capabilities, robust reporting options, and extensive integration possibilities. These comprehensive features make both platforms suitable for various project management needs.


1. Can Smartsheet and Airtable handle large data sets efficiently?

Yes, both Smartsheet and Airtable handle large data sets efficiently. Their advanced data management capabilities ensure smooth performance even with extensive projects and datasets.

2. How does Smartsheet compare to Airtable in terms of pricing?

The pricing for both platforms is similar, offering various plans to cater to different user requirements. Users find both Smartsheet and Airtable’s pricing options affordable and scalable.

3. Is Smartsheet or Airtable better for collaboration?

Both platforms excel in collaboration features, providing excellent tools for teams to work together seamlessly. The choice between the two ultimately depends on the specific collaboration requirements of your project.

4. Can I use Smartsheet and Airtable offline?

No, Smartsheet and Airtable are cloud-based software and require an internet connection to access and sync your data.

5. Are there any limitations to Smartsheet’s customization options?

Smartsheet offers extensive customization options; however, some users find duplicating sheets a bit difficult. Despite this limitation, Smartsheet provides ample flexibility for customization.

6. Which software is easier to learn, Smartsheet or Airtable?

Both platforms have intuitive interfaces, but Smartsheet’s learning curve is often considered more straightforward. However, with practice and exploration, users can master Airtable relatively quickly.

7. Can I integrate Smartsheet or Airtable with other tools?

Yes, both Smartsheet and Airtable offer extensive integration possibilities with popular project management tools and other external applications.

8. Do Smartsheet and Airtable provide customer support?

Yes, both platforms provide customer support options, including email support, dedicated customer success managers, and online help centers with tutorials and resources.

9. Can I try out Smartsheet and Airtable before purchasing?

Yes, both Smartsheet and Airtable offer free trials, allowing you to explore the platforms and assess their suitability for your project management needs.

10. Which software is recommended for different industries?

The choice between Smartsheet and Airtable for different industries depends on specific requirements. Smartsheet’s flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of industries, while Airtable’s customizable tables are particularly useful for data-heavy industries.


As you can see, Smartsheet and Airtable, while both exceptional project management software options, have their unique strengths and weaknesses. Smartsheet impresses with its intuitive learning curve and flexible use, while Airtable excels in its powerful table customization capabilities. Ultimately, the choice between the two platforms boils down to your specific project management needs and preferences.

Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of Smartsheet vs. Airtable, we invite you to explore other articles on project management tools, compare user feedback, and make an informed decision for your project management journey.


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